1. Five unique designs offer to Orthodontist the right anchor for every application
    1. Palatal Approach with built in self seating support washer
    2. Infrazygomatic process anchor with self seating support washer and tall head for tissue clearance
    3. Mesial anchor with support washer
    4. Incisal anchor with support washer designed for root clearance
    5. Proven self tapping thread design
    6. Training and support
  2. Tissue threads
    1. 2 of the designes have tissue cutting threads eliminating the need for tissue removal plug.
  3. Dual thread sizes
    1. The smaller diameter self tapping starter thread makes installation easier
    2. The larger diameter cortical bone thread insures maximum holding power in the cortical bone.
  4. Cannulated driver with sleeve for ligature
    1. Safe sure holding of the anchor during installation
    2. Easy removal without the risk of unseating the anchor
    3. Ligature pre attached
  5. Proven and tried instrumentation in an easily sterilized tray.
    1. Hand rotated drill for D1 bone and infrazygomatic placement
    2. Handset bits
    3. Removal tool
    4. Driver